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Information about the TV show and an episode guide.

Show info
NameHerculoids, The
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Herculoids, The
Country of originUnited States
Episodes listed47 (1967-1969)
Air day, timeSaturday, 09:30
Time zoneGMT-5 +DST
Run time30 minutes
Broadcasting countryUnited States
Broadcasting networkCBS

Episodes guide
S2E11 - The FirebirdSeptember 6, 1969
S2E10 - The Thunderbolt1969
S2E9 - The Buccaneer1969
S2E8 - The Energy Creature1969
S2E7 - The Snake Riders1969
S2E6 - Return of the Ancients1969
S2E5 - The Ice Monster1969
S2E4 - The Purple Menace1969
S2E3 - Space Trappers1969
S2E2 - Mindbender1969
S2E1 - The Invisibles1969
S1E36 - The Return of Torak1967
S1E35 - The Raider Apes1967
S1E34 - Ruler of the Reptons1967
S1E33 - Invasion of the Electrode People1967
S1E32 - The Zorbots1967
S1E31 - The Beaked People1967
S1E30 - Sarko the Arkman1967
S1E29 - Laser Lancers1967
S1E28 - Revenge of the Pirates1967
S1E27 - Attack of the Faceless People1967
S1E26 - The Time Creatures1967
S1E25 - Return of Sta-Lek1967
S1E24 - The Mole Men1967
S1E23 - Malak and the Metal Apes1967
S1E22 - The Raiders1967
S1E21 - Queen Skorra1967
S1E20 - Mekkor1967
S1E19 - Temple of Trax1967
S1E18 - The Lost Dargyte1967
S1E17 - Swamp Monster1967
S1E16 - Mission of the Amatons1967
S1E15 - Tiny World of Terror1967
S1E14 - The Island of the Gravites1967
S1E13 - The Spider Man1967
S1E12 - The Pod Creatures1967
S1E11 - The Pirates1967
S1E10 - The Crystalites1968
S1E9 - The Android People1967
S1E8 - Prisoners of the Bubble Men1967
S1E7 - Mekkano, The Machine Man1967
S1E6 - Destroyer Ants1967
S1E5 - Defeat of Ogron1967
S1E4 - Attack From Space1967
S1E3 - The Antidote1967
S1E2 - The Gladiators of Kyanite1967
S1E1 - The MutoidsSeptember 9, 1967

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